Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Breaking Dawn Part 2: Review

So I've been really inactive, what with college and UCAS and just life in general, however I haven't stopped going to the cinema, in fact not long ago I saw The Perks of Being a Wallflower, which I may have mentioned some time ago in a later post I had actual really been looking forward to seeing which unfortunately didn't live up to my expectations. Maybe I'll make another post about it later, but for the time being I want to talk about Breaking Dawn part 2 as I went and saw it tonight with a few friends. I'll try and keep it short and not be too technical, as I realize this film/saga isn't trying to be some kind of cinematic wonder to be remembered as the greatest film of all time - far, far from it. Its a film for the fans, and in that respect, it probably ticks all the boxes.

Nonetheless, after becoming so damn popular, you'd think with the amount of money they've raked in from the last four films in the franchise, they'd have got the special effects right by now. Some were okay, there's a big fight scene at the end ( which I'll go into later) with really cool effects, the CG baby on the other hand...well that was a little weird. In fact, for the whole first half of the film as Bella and Edward's daughter grows up, instead of getting different actresses to play her, they use CG to make her look younger/older, which frankly looked kind of odd. The actress herself was good though, despite not having much to say. Overall the acting was better than in the other films, particularly Micheal Sheen, he was great to watch as always. Also I'd say Robert Pattinson was quite good too, less broody. The screenplay remained pretty abysmal...though I maintain that I doubt fans will be walking out saying things like ' Wow! That was SUCH a good film! But the screenplay and special effects were awful!'- really, I'm just being picky.

The last part of the film, in which they deviated a little from the book, was probably the best part as for a little while I was left genuinely wondering what the hell was going to happen. Arguably it ended up being a bit of a cop-out, as they didn't entirely stick it out after taking such a ballsy turn from the book ( trying not to spoil anything here...), even though lets face it, if they'd have strayed so far I think there'd be a lot of enraged Twilight fans. Still, it was a clever twist and it was worth it for the reactions it got from people, not to mention how unpredictable it was a for a while, it was quite exciting. Also, I forgot to mention before, the opening title sequence was really impressive. It was actually really beautifully shot, in fact if I'm going to go there at all then I'd say yeah: the cinematography in general was good.

At the very end, there was also a flash back to the other movies, which I'll admit made me feel a little nostalgic. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad its all over but it was fun while it lasted. I remember being so excited for the first film, with all the hype, but gradually I think I just became numb to them, either that or just cynical...over-critical? Still, its best not to take these films too seriously, as nonetheless I was kept entertained for an hour and fifty five minutes. Even though I recognize that these aren't justifiably good films, they're still a lot of fun. Super cheesy, completely unsubtle, CG heavy, popcorn film FUN. Lets call it a guilty pleasure and be done with it.