Monday, December 17, 2012

Ramblings on Film remakes, adaptations and the Golden Globes

What is it with everything having to be so 'dark and gritty' nowadays? I've seen both the Man of Steel trailer and the Star Trek: Into Darkness trailers respectively and despite both looking gorgeous and expensive, I can't seem to get excited about them. Is there a written rule somewhere that almost every remake or reboot since Nolan's Batman trilogy has to fill some sort of quota of darkness and grittiness? Hell, there's already been speculation around Lionsgate supposedly considering rebooting the Twilight franchise - is that going to be 'dark and gritty' too? Will we look back on the current Twilight franchise and chuckle at how lovingly camp it was in comparison? Will Edward and Bella's angsty teen romance be even more broody? Will there be a booming orchestral score with dominant percussion...more to the point, will the new Bella have more than one facial expression? Only time will tell.

'Twilight will return. It will never leave. It is eternal. 

Prepare to weep for another decade.' - Bloody Disgusting

This is why I respect what Jackson has done with the Lord of the Rings trilogy, because unlike many other book to movie adaptations it complements and enriches the source material, rather than mimicking it and sacrificing the tone or substance of the book. I feel like I must be getting annoying harping on about them and the new Hobbit film, but I can't help it because the Tolkien fan in me couldn't be happier with it. I can look past the 48fps because everything else was so good. Sure, maybe it was over-extended , but I've already admitted to being bias and will happily say I can't get enough of it. Jackson really understands what the fans want to see and he delivers. I think I'll go to see it again at some point. I don't think I'll ever get used to the HFR though, at least not in a film of this genre anyway. 

In totally unrelated news I just had a glance over the Golden Globe nominations. There's not much there that surprises me, apart from maybe the fact that Hotel Transylvania was nominated in the 'Best Animated Feature Film' category over ParaNorman...seems a bit backwards and unfair. I thought the animation in ParaNorman was fantastic. Also, I hope Jennifer Lawrence wins 'Best Actress in a Motion Picture - Comedy or Musical'. I really enjoyed Silver Linings Playbook, it was really charming and quirky and I think Lawrence was great in it. If they had a category for best actor in a comedy or musical then I'd definitely give it to De Niro, as his performance in Silver Linings was - in my opinion - by far his best in a while. But anyway, I bet Emily Blunt or Judi Dench will win, just because usually the people/films I want to win never do. Sigh...I'll just have to make my own film awards or something...