Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Interstellar Live

On March 30th I was lucky enough to go to a live screening of Interstellar at the Royal Albert Hall, during which Hans Zimmer and a live orchestra performed the score alongside the film. It was an absolutely breathtaking experience that I'll never forget, as the score really makes the film and hearing it played live was absolutely incredible, there were moments in which is sounded so powerful and intense, and other more subtle moments during which you had to keep looking down to remind yourself that there was a symphony playing almost constantly below the screen. It really gives you so much respect for the people behind the creative process that made both this film, and its beautiful soundtrack possible.

Prior to the screening, there was a talk with Chris Nolan, Kip Thorne (the man behind the physics of the film), and of course, Hans Zimmer. Stephen Hawking introduced the talk, which was then led by Brian Cox. In the video above I have tried to edit together what footage I could get of the talk. I apologize for the poor quality, however it's all understandable and I hope you get as much out of it as I did. Enjoy!

To read my thoughts on Interstellar, I'll leave a link to my review of it here.